Attention Meter is a wearable device, a bracelet with a purpose to measure the attention of the carrier. Practical Applications:

  • To measure the attention and alertness when driving. The bracelet is actively measuring the state of biological alertness notifies the driver with the sound signal or vibration if alertness/attentiveness is decreasing.
  • To measure and evaluate attentiveness during the presentation/seminar when group meetings occur. During the gathering or a seminar the participants are wearing the bracelets. The speaker can observe computer or pad screen in real time the changes of attentiveness levels of the group in relation to the speakers’ presentation. If the attention level of the group falls down, the presenter can easily conclude and quickly adapt speaking and presenting style. In this way corporate meetings are made to be more engaging. The participants who are wearing the bracelet are incentivized to put better effort be to more actively engaged due to a specifically constructed warning system which signals the participant engagement level (i.e. If the device detects falling attention an integrated LED light turns on automatically). This technology can be also used for measuring the attention of pariticipants at online meeting which allows to do better online conferences.
  • To measure and evaluate the attentiveness of the students during the classes. Students are wearing bracelets and a teacher can follow overall attentiveness level of the class. When the attentiveness is changing, teacher can estimate the interest level of the students.